What We Do

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Financial assistance when it’s needed most

Housing is a human right, and the loss of a home can lead to cycles of poverty that are exceedingly difficult to recover from. We provide a one-stop shop for benefits access, offering rapid assistance with rent or mortgage to clients who are behind on payments based on the individual circumstances of each. Our team of caring navigators and lawyers are passionately committed to keeping our clients in their homes.

Legal services and representation

We are proud to offer free legal aid and guidance to tenants facing eviction, foreclosure, and housing insecurity. While progress has been made in recent years in the fight for tenant rights, laws related to housing tend to be weighted in favor of lenders and landlords, leaving residents to fight an uphill battle in a complex legal system. Our work ensures clients know their rights and have the resources they need to pursue a just outcome.

Deep integration for better outcomes

Our clients shouldn’t have to shop around for what they need, navigating a disconnected, overly complex system while already in the midst of crisis or hardship. We build customized, community-rooted solutions to people’s most challenging economic problems by combining things like rapid funding, advice and navigation, and legal services.

Advocating for a better system and a brighter future

Every aspect of our work is informed by the lived experiences of our clients. We partner with our clients and other community organizations to facilitate client-led organizing movements centered around efforts to reform and reimagine broken, unjust systems. The pursuit of our mission to build a world where all people have what they need to live and thrive doesn’t stop at intervening in individual cases of injustice. It also must involve building new systems to bring this world into existence.

Meet the team

CEDP is a diverse team of lawyers, legal experts, housing navigators, tenant advocates, customer care agents, economists, and policy experts. We partner with low-income and working people to build economic and racial equity.