A collection of research authored by CEDP leadership including eviction risk reports, analysis of Colorado’s non-consensual towing industry, and housing policy recommendations.

Exterior of a brick residential building with a blue sign that says Permit Parking Only

Inside Colorado’s Private Property Towing Industry

Towing in Colorado is out of control. Over the past two years, our clients have had their vehicles repeatedly towed from the apartment complexes and mobile home parks where they live, often without warning or justification.

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Row of brightly colored apartment buildings

Four Options to Support Vulnerable Renters as Emergency Measures End

It’s clear vulnerable renters need a form of universal rental assistance. How it should be administered is another matter. Here’s what we know about four potential options.

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Exterior of an apartment building with text that says Early September Eviction and Rental Aid Uptake

Early September Eviction Risk and Rental Aid Uptake

Renters behind on rent struggle to access rental assistance.

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Screenshot of a circuit court filing

Amicus Brief: Terkel v. CDC

CEDP filed an amicus brief for Terkel v. CDC highlighting that mass evictions during the pandemic have profound economic ramifications that substantially affect interstate commerce.

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Map showing counties in Colorado

Estimated Number of Renters Behind on Rent in Colorado

We estimated the number of renters who could be behind on rent by Metropolitan Statistical Area. This is a directional, consulting style methodology aiming to localize eviction risk for decision makers.

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Graphic showing Census Bureau data

HH Pulse Data, Debt & Housing Insecurity

Census Bureau states nearly 1 in 6 tenants are behind on rent.

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Graphic depicting two houses with people living in them and people walking on the street below

Emerging Best Practices for COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Programs

This slide deck lays out emerging best practices for the design and administration of rental assistance programs for states, localities, and their non-profit partners who will be called upon to disburse billions in rental assistance.

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Young people hang out of the windows of a gray car holding a sign that says Housing is a Right

‘It’s gonna go really far:’ Colorado could get $383M for renter aid, but will it get to people in time?

The second federal stimulus package is poised to deliver a big financial boost to renters across the United States, but it offers only limited protection from evictions — a combination that sets up a major policy decision for Gov. Jared Polis in January.

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A protester speaks into a bullhorn next to a group of people holding a sign

Millions of Americans face eviction amid COVID-19: ‘I have no idea what to do.’

Millions of Americans are falling through the cracks during this pandemic-induced financial and housing crisis. And we haven’t seen the worst of it.

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Graphic showing census data

Tabulations of Week 20 of HH Pulse Survey

Census Bureau states 18% of renters report being behind on their rent.

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Illustration of the percentage of households behind on rent in each state

Tabulations of Rental Arrears in Late October, Early November

How housing insecurity disproportionately affects black renters, other renters of color, and families with children.

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State capitol building, featuring a beautiful dome, behind green trees

Eviction moratorium in effect in Colorado through end of 2020

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, Governor Polis issued an executive order (Executive Order 227) banning evictions for at least 30 days, effective immediately.

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Line chart showing that 345 to 346 thousand renters are at risk of eviction by the end of 2020.

Colorado Eviction Risk Analysis

Based on census data, 345k-436k renters are at risk of eviction by the end of the year if current conditions do not change.

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Map of the United States showing the percentage of renters at risk of eviction in each state

The COVID-19 Eviction Crisis: An estimated 30-40 million people in America are at risk

The United States may be facing the most severe housing crisis in its history.

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A key in the lock on a white door with a black doorhandle

Eviction Risk in Nevada

Between 272,000-327,000 Nevadans could struggle to pay their rent by September 2020.

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Line graph showing Colorado tenants' eviction risk

Colorado’s looming eviction and rental crisis

Unless action is taken in Colorado or at the federal level: By September, nearly 420,000 Coloradans living in 181,000 households will be at risk of evictions, having accumulated nearly $765 million in rental debt.

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