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Apply for Colorado Disaster Rebuild Programs

Property owners of Colorado communities impacted by state-declared or federally-declared disasters may be eligible for financial resources to rebuild or rehabilitate a residential property affected by those disasters.

The applications below provide access to grants, rebates, forgivable loans, and traditional loans that are available by State, municipal, and philanthropic funding sources.

Full Form Application

Submit the full form application to determine all eligible funding opportunities from the State of Colorado Housing Recovery Program.

Submitting the full application also provides you access to the Community Foundation Boulder Rebuild Grants.

Short Form Application

Submit the short form application if you’re looking to apply for:

Submitting the short application does not provide access to the Housing Recovery Program funding.

Recovery Electrification Rebate

Marshall Fire and other State or Federal Disasters

The Colorado Energy Office is committed to supporting the recovery and rebuilding efforts across Colorado. This rebate is for households impacted by disasters since 2018 for houses that were destroyed or damaged in areas of a state or federally-declared disaster. Residents qualify for a $10,000 rebate for the installation of the following:

  • Cold Climate Heat Pump -OR- ground source (geothermal) heat pump
  • Electric Resistant -OR- Induction Stove
  • Heat Pump Water Heater

**East Troublesome Fire: The Colorado Energy Office is developing a robust rebate program in Grand County in partnership with Mountain Parks Electric Inc.
For any questions on this rebate in Grand County, please contact Christine Berg at: 303.349.6122 or 


Unmet Needs Grant & ALE Support Program Application

The CFBC Unmet Need grant is intended to provide financial support to fire-impacted community members with immediate fundamental needs as a result of significant loss initiated by the Marshall Fire event.

Boulder County Use Tax Rebate Application Form

Who qualifies?
Everyone who lost a home in either the Marshall or Cal-Wood Fires and is rebuilding on their affected property qualifies for the county’s Use Tax Rebate. This program is designed to support victims of a total loss due to a federally declared disaster. Residents must have owned the home at the time of the disaster and are still the owners during the rebuild for the same property. Purchasers of lots are not eligible, even if the purchaser was impacted by the fire.
What is the deadline to apply for the rebate?
To claim the rebate, property owners must file building permits within three years of the fires:
  • Permit deadline for Cal-Wood Fire – Oct. 31, 2023
  • Permit deadline for Marshall Fire – Dec. 31, 2024
Is the rebate also for Louisville and Superior use tax?
No. This program applies only to the county’s use tax on residential properties. The county is aware that both the City of Louisville and the Town of Superior have or may determine to offer their own use tax relief to impacted property owners in those communities.

For inquiries regarding the application process, eligibility, or individuals seeking information about the State’s Housing Recovery Program, you can connect with a representative by calling or texting 303-532-2785 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST, or emailing:

The State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Energy Office, Boulder County, Community Foundation Boulder County and others have partnered with Impact Development Fund as program administrator and Community Economic Defense Project as an application intake partner to support communities and homeowners in rebuilding residences impacted by natural disasters throughout Colorado.