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Update on CDC Eviction Moratorium

The Trump Administration just issued an executive order effective on Friday, Sept. 4 that bans non-payment evictions through the end of the year. The order applies to individuals who have individual income less than $99,000 OR did not have to pay income tax in 2019 OR received a stimulus check and who are unable to pay rent due to income loss or extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses.  

Under the CDC’s order tenants must provide a copy of this attached declaration to their landlord, owner of the residential property where they live, or other person who has a right to have them evicted or removed from where they live. 

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The COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project provides free legal aid to tenants by pairing volunteer attorneys with tenants facing eviction and other housing issues related to COVID-19 hardship in Colorado.

If we do not have capacity to represent individual tenants, we make referrals to other legal aid organizations around the state.

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Our team has compiled materials that may be helpful for tenants who are unable to pay rent during the COVID-19 Crisis, facing eviction, or trying to navigate difficult conversations with their landlords. We are continually updating this resource guide as the policy and legal landscape changes.