Our Team

Image of Carey Degenaro
Carey Degenaro

Head of Litigation

Marianny DeLeon

Tenant Advocate

Haley DiRenzo


Image of Sam Gilman
Sam Gilman

Co-Founder & COO

Martha Lanaghen

Head of People

Javier Mabrey

Attorney & Advocacy Lead

Image of Burton A. Nadler
Burt Nadler

Attorney, Senior Advisor, & Intake Lead

Image of Zach Neumann
Zach Neumann

Co-Founder, Executive Director, & Attorney

Annemarie Parsons

Tenant Advocate

Elina Rodriguez

Tenant Advocate

Tatyana Smith


Montana Sudul

Tenant Advocate

Image of Kristen Davis
Kristen Davis

Digital Communications

Image of Owen Davis
Owen Davis

Volunteer Attorney

Marco Dorado

Senior Advisor

Image of Roger Low
Roger Low

Senior Advisor

Image of Melissa Mejía
Melissa Mejía

Senior Advisor

Image of Hannah Rubashkin
Hannah Rubashkin

Staff Attorney

Image of Victoria Suarez-Palomo
Victoria Suarez-Palomo

Senior Advisor

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