The COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project is a collaborative, community legal project. Our mission is to provide Coloradoans who are unable to pay their rent during the COVID-19 crisis with information and support.

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COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our state economy. Tens of thousands of Coloradoans have lost their jobs since early March with additional lay-offs and furloughs expected in the weeks and months ahead. The economic shutdown has caused many in our community to fall behind on bills and rent. 

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We are a 100% volunteer initiative, drawing on support from lawyers and community members. We’d love to have your help. If you’d like to volunteer with us, please reach out using the forms below and someone will be in touch! With only a few hours a week, you can help a neighbor stay in their home.

Tenant resources

Our team has compiled materials that may be helpful for tenants who are unable to pay rent during the COVID-19 Crisis, facing eviction, or trying to navigate difficult conversations with their landlords. We are continually updating this resource guide as the policy and legal landscape changes. Please continue to check back here in the days and weeks ahead.

Tenant’s rights

Economic support

Legal Resources


Since mid-March, over 100,000 Coloradans have been laid off, furloughed, or subject to an hours reduction as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the presence of expanded unemployment insurance, forthcoming stimulus support, and other forms of state and federal assistance, many Coloradans will be unable to pay bills and rent in the months ahead as COVID-19 continues to impact our economy.

Various overlapping eviction protections have been implemented by the federal government, some cities, and Colorado district courts; however, these are scheduled to expire beginning in April. When these eviction moratoria expire, Colorado landlords will be able to immediately undertake eviction proceedings against tenants while also pursuing them for unpaid rent, late fees (in some cases), and other potential damages

Our initial analysis suggests that almost 500,000 Coloradans may face eviction risk in the months ahead, with further increases anticipated as unemployment increases and stay at home orders are extended.

See our analysis PDF here.

About Us

The COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project was founded in March of 2020 to respond to urgent questions about housing, homelessness, and community recovery during the spread of the coronavirus. We are working to pair volunteer lawyers with tenants who need advice or legal representation, provide tenants with guidance on how to navigate challenging situations, and evaluate the potential impact of the emerging housing crisis.  Founded and led by Zach Neumann, our core team includes Sam Gilman and Victoria Suarez-Palomo along with advisers Melissa Mejia and David Seligman.